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Cambridge University Help for Ukraine

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Support for students

It is becoming increasingly clear that the invasion of Ukraine is having a grave impact on students within our community.  For students who are finding this is having an impact on their work, the following avenues of mitigation are available: 

Undergraduates and postgraduate taught students

Information on mitigation measures is available here and here.  

Postgraduate research students

Students should talk through any concerns with their Supervisor. Postgraduate research students whose work or progress is impacted should discuss this with their tutor. If they are close to their submission deadline they can ask for an extension to that deadline.  Students whose research has been impacted can submit an Impact Statement. Your supervisor or tutor can give details.

Please note: intermission may have implications for a student's visa and students should contact the International Student Office for further advice and guidance.  

As usual, students who need support should speak to their College tutor, who can advise them. Information on financial hardship and University wellbeing support is available, including the University Counselling Service. The service is making arrangements to move swiftly to provide initial appointments for students in this position.

Support for staff

The University’s staff counselling service will be arranging sessions for those in need of help. Please look out for information on its website.


All members of the University should follow the UK government’s Foreign Office advice. Current advice is against all travel to Ukraine and to Russia. The insurance section has updated its information on travel in the affected areas